Donations to Phoebe Needles Center

Donations help our organization Thrive! Without financial help from donors like you, we can’t have the outreach and impact that we do. Our successes are your successes. At Phoebe Needles Center we believe in Community and feel that all those we touch are part of our Phoebe Family. Won’t you please join us in our mission to support our beloved Community by providing outstanding programs, events, retreats, and more?

We serve people of all ages and faith backgrounds throughout southwestern Virginia by offering facilities and a variety of educational, spiritual, and renewal programs designed to nurture people in their spiritual formation in a beautiful mountain setting that is safe spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Any dollar amount you give us has an impact. You can put your gift to work immediately, or you can choose to designate your gift to go to our endowment fund. There are lots of options on how to give, so please choose what feels right for you and know that our organization and those we serve appreciate it so very much!

Special Fund Choices: Summer Camp Fund, Alaina Mentkow Scholarship Fund, Bishop Light Fund, Robert S. Strong Summer Camp Fund, and our new Phoebe Needles Preservation Fund in honor of the Reverend John H. Heck. See below for descriptions of these special Funds. To donate to any of these, you may write a check payable to Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. and send it to: Phoebe Needles Center, Inc., 732 Turners Creek Road, Callaway, VA 24067. Or you can donate online today by clicking on the DONATE buttons.

Other Gifting Options: Corporate Matching Gifts, Stock, Bond & Mutual Fund Donations, Bequest, Trust & Planned Gifts, and Gift Cards. See below for more information.

Suggestions? If you know of other ways that Phoebe Needles Center can receive donations, please call us at 540.483.1518 or email us at

Summer Camp Funds

Each summer we work very hard to make sure that no child is turned away from camp due to financial reasons. We are able to do this from generous, heartfelt gifts made by donors like you to our general Summer Camp Fund and to our Alaina Mentkow Scholarship Fund. Both of these funds are instrumental in keeping our wonderful summer programs going strong and for helping students and families in need. 

Please consider making a gift to sponsor a camper or to help us with general camp operations. Our summer camp programs are beautifully designed to be engaging, educational, and impactful. The ripple effects last a lifetime! A full scholarship for summer camp is $600. However, a gift of any size is very welcome, effective, and greatly appreciated. Every dollar raised is applied to camper fees and camp operating fees.

Bishop Light Fund

The Bishop Light Fund was established in 2005 to honor A. Heath Light, Fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. Bishop Light served the diocese from 1979-1996. We honor him for his dynamic character, warmth, and genuine love for the people he has served throughout his ministry. This fund is established for the purpose of funding new and ongoing ministry at the Phoebe Needles Center. Learn more…

Robert S. Strong Summer Camp Fund

For nearly 20 years, Bob Strong served on the Board of Phoebe Needles. He also served as the medical director for our summer camps, recruited many board members, and helped with fundraising. He is remembered as being enthusiastic, faithful, and willing to promote Phoebe Needles Programs like no other, and he is greatly missed. In 2022, we started this special fund with the hope of raising at least $25,000 to create a perpetual fund that will support our Summer Camp Programs for many years to come.

To donate to the Robert S. Strong Summer Camp Fund, you may write a check payable to Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. and send it to: Phoebe Needles Center, Inc., 732 Turners Creek Road, Callaway, VA 24067. Or you can donate online today by clicking on the button below.

Phoebe Needles Preservation Fund

In Honor of The Reverend John H. Heck Family

The Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. Board of Directors has set up the Phoebe Needles Preservation Fund in honor of the Rev.  John H. Heck family. The Fund’s purpose is to ensure that the buildings that were built during John’s 25-year ministry are properly maintained and preserved. John’s vision of creating a camp and conference center at Phoebe Needles came to life during his tenure. The lives of people who experience Phoebe Needles Center and its programs are changed. This is especially true of the lives of our youth and young adults.

This Fund will help maintain our buildings, pavilions, playground, swimming pool, trail system, low and high ropes courses, roads, parking areas and other infrastructures. We need help to keep this fantastic facility operating smoothly for many years to come.

We are asking that you consider making a donation to honor John, Delia, Benton and Peter’s work and ministry to the community and all other people who came to Phoebe Needles Center over the past 25 years. Please help us honor John and his family’s legacy by giving a gift to this Phoebe Needles Preservation Fund. 

To donate to this special preservation fund, John, you may write a check payable to Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. and send it to: Phoebe Needles Center, Inc., 732 Turners Creek Road, Callaway, VA 24067. Or, you can donate online today by clicking on the button below.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Over the years, we have received donations from a donors who were able to double their giving to the Phoebe Needles Center through a corporate matching gifts program. We have received matching gifts from companies such as Wachovia, GE, and Prudential. The next time you make a contribution, please ask if your business has a matching gifts program. It’s a great way to double your giving to Phoebe Needles at no extra cost to you! Please contact us for more information.

Stock, Bond & Mutual Fund Donations

Making a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can be a great way to help Phoebe Needles Center continue its mission and outreach and it can help you save on taxes. It can be an easier process than you think with the help of a tax or financial professional. Please contact us for more information.

Bequest, Trust & Planned Gifts

There are many different ways you can help support our nonprofit and leave a powerful Legacy. A simple provision in your will or revocable trust can provide Phoebe Needles with much needed funds. Gift giving through your will or trust gives you the flexibility of choosing a dollar amount or a particular asset such as real estate or stocks, or donating either a percentage or the remainder of your estate. Please consider giving beyond your life through a bequest to Phoebe Needles in your will.  Please contact us for more information.

Gift Cards

The next time you go to Home Depot, Kroger, Lowe’s Home Improvement, SAM’s Club, Wal-Mart, or nearly any other major chain in our area, please consider buying a gift card to donate to the Phoebe Needles Center!  These cards are a great help to us and they are fully tax deductible for you! You can drop them off at our office or mail them to: Phoebe Needles Center, Inc., 732 Turners Creek Road, Callaway, VA 24067.

Thank you so much for your love and support!

We couldn’t fulfill our Mission without you!