What People Say

“Thank you all at Phoebe Needles for such an amazing summer! I learned vital life skills, met amazing people, and gained experience with different methods of teaching children. This summer has truly been life-changing! This has turned out to be the best year of my life so far. I have never seen a community like Phoebe anywhere!”

“I have attended the Center for Lifelong Learning for more than 15 years. Programs are consistently interesting and inspiring, and help us recognize life’s wonders and challenges as they evolve. The fellowship of learning, discussing, dining,and laughing together have been a blessing for me and many others who attend. We are so fortunate to have Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. in our rural and far-flung county. My participation in the CLL keeps me on my toes mentally, spiritually, and socially as it enriches my life each month.”

“The major thing for me is the camaraderie. The community is my favorite part: getting to know one another and the friendliness of the group. I like what it does for me physically. The actions are good for my body, and it helps with my stability and strength.”

“I can tell that I am stronger, and I have better balance and more stability. My husband Johnny can tell a difference. I love the community!”

“I absolutely love what Phoebe Needles has done for me over the years. I will always and forever have a special place in my heart for the mission that Phoebe Needles has in the community.”

“This camp is amazing. It is magical the way that Phoebe can nurture the growth of kids and young adults, mentally and spiritually. It allows them to take a break from their daily lives and be themselves, however wacky and silly they want to be. As a former camper I heartily recommend the Phoebe needles center because It has played a major role in shaping me into who I am today.”

“Thank you for spending your time taking such good care of us so we could have so much FUN.”

“I never imagined I could do what I just did [traverse a utility pole forty feet off the ground], but I know I couldn’t have done it with out the support and encouragement of all my new friends.”

“I’ve been to a lot of camps, but only at Phoebe Needles have I been unconditionally accepted.”

“I come to Phoebe Needles because it is the place in my life where I experience unconditional love.”

“Serving others in Christ’s name during Outreach Camp makes me feel like the Church actually matters in my world.”

“I’d never really thought of how important a camp is to a young person until my daughter Tracy attended Phoebe Needles in 2016 for the first time. Camp has improved her self confidence, she can now swim, plus she looks forward to seeing all her friends at Phoebe Needles every year. Camp has also strengthened her faith and I am very thankful for all the ways that you have helped her develop. You have a great team! Plus, Tracy is already making plans for next year!”

“My experience at Phoebe Needles has always been one of fun and adventure. From rock climbing to caving, I’m always doing new activities that I wouldn’t have the chance to in everyday life. I’ve always enjoyed the counselors and their commitment to making us work hard and do our best no matter the occasion. My personal favorite camp, Outreach, has also been a wonderful way of helping others and having fun along the way. I’m happy to be a part of the Phoebe Needles community.”

“I had several children attend camp. They were very happy about their experiences and are eager to return. They have talked extensively about the activities, the new friends they have remained in contact with and the general atmosphere of respect and support for one another while having so much fun. As a parent, I’m so pleased that what they gained at Phoebe Needles has carried over outside of camp. Their self-confidence increased and their patience in working with a group has greatly improved. I love that they have gotten to experience things such as rock climbing that they would otherwise have not experienced but what I would most like the staff to know is how much I appreciate the character building that was obviously a part of the atmosphere of the camp and it has carried over into their lives at home, in school and in the community. On behalf of the entire Paxton family, please share our sincere appreciation for the experiences and the scholarships that allowed them to attend.”

“This was Hannah’s first experience at Phoebe Needles and an overnight camp experience. Hannah loved her experience because she was able to make new friends and enjoyed engaging in new and fun activities and being around her “awesome” camp counselors! We feel that this blessed place, located in such a scenic and beautiful location, allowed for Hannah to experience the wonder of God’s creation, connect with others, build confidence, and serve others. We are so grateful for Phoebe Needles and all those who make it possible.”

“I wanted to let you know that we all had a great time there with you all. The ropes course was great. The next time we go, the team wants to do the high ropes course. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was just perfect. Thanks again for being a great host. We hope to see you again soon!”

“I just came back from the Drama Camp, and I would like to say that your staff are awesome and like so nice!!! I would like to list all who were my staff: There was Dan, Jack, Josh, Kathon, Jah, Mariana, Andrea, and Cali, Josh, Benton, Matt, and Kate! Please tell them my email if they ever want to talk to me!!! I would like to thank you guys for having awesome people, and I would say you guys are a 5 star camp!!!”

“My granddaughter attended your First Year Camp last week and had a blast. I just want to say, ‘Thank You’ to all the counselors and young adults that helped out with this camp. When I dropped her off on Sunday and picked her up on Saturday, everyone was so friendly and willing to help. On Sunday, she was a little nervous, and everyone jumped in to assure her it would be a lot of fun. Just a great group of young adults you have working for you. She had a great time and will for sure be back next year. She would be back next week for Art Camp, but we will be on vacation. I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ and to let you know that you have a great group working for you. Have a great rest of the summer, and see you next year.”

“I just wanted to send you a note and say how much Alexandra and Mackenzie enjoyed Outreach Camp last week. They both got in the car and said it was the best camp yet. They were very impressed with the camp counselors, saying how professional and considerate they were. I was impressed with the amount of community service they were able to get in and all the new skills they learned. We saw the deck that was installed after we left camp. Very impressive. As a parent, it was nice to see my children helping out the community in so many wonderful ways.”